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VARLIK MAKİNA SAN.İÇ ve DIŞ TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. has been offering services for 40 years in our country and overseas operating in the field of lime plants, coal screening packaging plants, construction chemicals, integrated plaster factory construction, spare part production, and service-maintenance works. Varlık Makina was founded in 1976 by Ekrem VARLIK and has become a renowned brand in our country and abroad in its field with its production, experience, and high-quality products. It has also succeeded in becoming a leader in every field it has entered. It was the first company to produce detailed machinery, such as packaging, palletizing, and stretch hoods in Turkey. It was also the first to market them domestically and internationally in Turkey and to market them abroad in addition to offering turnkey premises. It has gained a very good position in the field of packaging and developed ultrasound sealing automatic bag-installing machines and has shown giant companies throughout the world that Varlık Makina is also a name to watch in the sector. Introducing at least two new machines in its product scope every year and participating in 10 exhibitions at home and abroad, it increases its goals every other year nationally and internationally to prove that it is a world-class company. 

Production commenced in Karaköy in 1976, in Bayrampaşa in 1984, at İkitelli Organized Industrial Estate in 1996, and at Hadımköy Koskoop Industrial Estate in 2004. To offer its services under modern conditions, Varlık Makina built an indoor area of 21,000m2 at Koskoop Hadımköy allowing it to manufacture within in its own facilities. It is also able to national and international requests in a short time by accelerating its production process. Employing 22 engineers, and 150 white collar and blue collar employees, it continues to be a leader in this sector. 

Placing particular emphasis on high-quality production, Varlık Makina is ISO 9001-certified. It has succeeded to be a leading and exemplary organization in terms of quality, from the selection of high-quality raw materials to the state-of-the-art CNC machinery it uses during production phase. With its incorporated quality control department it also aims to develop itself and to provide higher-quality serviced in all of phases of production, such as the welding, grinding, sand blasting, painting, assembly, and packaging processes. It has also adopted high-quality and continuous service as a principle with its extensive product scope and spare-part service. 
Varlık Makina is one of the few large “FULLY-INTEGRATED” organizations in the world incorporating all of the stages that transform the raw material into a final product. It has become an international brand with its high-quality products.

Our aim is to develop our machinery accepted in international markets with new projects and to fortify the position of our company among the giants of the world.