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About Us




The company that we have was established in 1997. It works  with the principle of  "First, 06 Again 06" assurance and quality standard. Principle and purpose of our company, to continue to work within a great accuracy by using latest technological developments.




Our pruducts for, low capacity and cold water facilities in the industry, plastic injection molding machines, extruders, profile, pipe, cable and closed circuit for air conditioning systems are the preferred devices in terms of ease of maintenance. These products that we have, so useful for terms and production. It provides increase of capacity around 25/30 % and the surface of calcification and water loss 0%

How is working the cooling application in plastics sector?




Application of cooling in plastics indusrty, takes place in 3 ways:


Water cooling towers (open circuit),


Thermo convector (closed circuit),


with the chiller refrigerant (closed circuit).




Exporting countries




We are exported around %60 the group of chiller products.


Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tatarstan, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, North African Countries, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Qatar, Ukraine, Romania and Moldova are among the countries that we export our products.


Differences of our products




Some companies are offering their low capacity products as high capacity to the market. Actually, this fact is known by everyone.
For this reason, we recommend to our cooling group customers, at first to they should pay attention of the engine power. If one machine's engine power 60 hp, and the other one have 40 hp, these two machines does not give the same capacity.


Our superiority, our machines are works more slow speed from the machines from China and other countries. For this reason, the possibility of failure and the problem is reduced to a minimum. In addition, our service and spare parts services are more effectively and on time



We want to find a solution for our customers needs and demands most accurate and fastest way. Moreover, improve of long term commercial relationships. We are aware of that, these two of them related with each other.


We will be glad to serve with the wide range of options for your needs from standard to unique