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Thanks to the ultrasonic welding method used by the machines and machines that it has designed to be used in its own production facilities since 2004, it manages this sector in the world by producing high quality products quickly. Our company owns 23 patents and utility models for the machinery it uses and the products it produces. The first purpose of our company is to commercialize and present these patents and utility models that we have. Thus, it is to accelerate the development of the sector, to turn our country into a world market in this sector by creating an alternative to the problems experienced in the Far East market in terms of logistics and quality, and thus to open a total employment area. One of the second and most important objectives is to contribute to the transition of our country from the importing country where it has problems in the need of technological machinery to a country that produces and exports technology. Ultrapak, non woven fabric ultrasonic welding system using carrier bags produced to set out with the goal of a successful outcome of producing constantly developing Turkey's first indigenous nonwoven carrying bag cutting machines thanks to the market that it opens, the need in the direction of developing technology and R & D firm in progress. Non woven fabric is recyclable and suitable for repeated use, making it a suitable raw material for environmentally friendly bag production. It is a technology that has ultrasonic, quality welding force and enables mass production. Combination of suitable raw materials and technology, non-woven bags from ultrasonic welding are the packaging product of the future. Ultrapak develops the technologies that will steer the packaging sector with the machines it started manufacturing by taking the combination of these two powers as a reference. Our production machines are not only focused on PP non woven, they are suitable for the use of many different films, including PP woven. Our company, which designs machines that can produce different models of bags in order to meet the needs of the market in the production of carrying advertising bags, owes its R&D studies, which we maintain with a great pleasure, leading the sector and giving direction.



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