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Sanayi Mahallesi Hayrettin Uzun Caddesi No: 65 P.K: 41040 İzmit / KOCAELİ

Tanrıkulu Group of Companies; Started its commercial life in 1989 with paper, glass and metal recycling activities in Istanbul and continued with plastic recycling facilities established in Kocaeli-Izmit and Sakarya since 2006 and in 2014, establishing the pet plate processing facility in Kocaeli Çayırova it has become one of the foremost recycling companies.

Tanrıkulu Group of Companies which is exporting 50% of pet board products to overseas markets with the export activities carried out in 2017, has doubled its plastic recycling capacity in 2018 with its Izpack pet packaging facility and in 2019 with its plastic automatic sorting systems.

With its ongoing Pet Flek and Pet Plate investments, Tanrıkulu Group of Companies, which has a distinguished position in domestic and international markets, aims to protect our material, moral, cultural and natural environment in a healthy way for future generations with the economic contribution it provides to our country.

The total investments of Tanrıkulu Group of Companies are as follows.