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Sunar NP

Sunar NP, founded in 2014, is a member of Sunar Grup Companies. The company produces non-GMO TPS (Thermoplastic Starch) bio-polymer and biopolymers. As being the first TPS and biopolymer producer of Turkey, Sunar NP provides certified raw materials for global packaging industry and other sub-sectors of plastic industry.

Sunar NP, accomplished to break grounds in Turkey, presents exclusive solutions to its customers operating at different sub-sectors of plastic industry. Since 2014, the company has been investing in R&D and as of 2018, prominent TUV certified products introduced to the market. 

Rising awareness among consumer and regulative polices of governments grow the bio-plastics market and Sunar NP stands for serving the industry with non-GMO bio-based TPS varieties and biopolymers which are fully compostable according to EN 13432. 

Sunar NP aims to reinforce its position in domestic and global markets with innovative products and customer oriented solutions.