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CORPORATESungroup was established in Bursa in 2001 with the aim of producing high-tech colorant materials in line with the developing plastics industry and increasing demands, considering the first target in the automotive and PET yarn industry. Our enterprise, which initially has a total capacity of 3500 tons / year, has increased its share in the market over the years, while increasing its capacity to an average of 10,000 tons / year with new investments and technology transfer. The works started with automotive and PET have been expanded and as of today, we have reached the position to serve the film, injection, cable, blow molding, construction, CF, BCF and extrusion sectors. In addition to the product range, which basically starts with a colored concentrated product and continues with additives, the development studies carried out in the PA, PET and PP sector, which require high technology and know-how, have been completed and the stage of presenting patented products to the sector has been completed. It was first started with the liquid colorant production in Turkey. In order to respond to all kinds of demands of our customers and to provide the best technical support, we cooperate with leading international companies in the industry. The products that are needed by the sector and which are not produced in our country can be evaluated on a project basis, and the most appropriate solution can be offered to the customers, thus, the foreign dependency of the Turkish Industry is reduced. Moving to its modern factory with a covered area of ​​10,000 square meters in Bursa organized industrial zone in 2006, Sungroup continues its sales activities through its central factory and its dealers in different regions at home and abroad. Despite our short history, it is our main goal to make our company one of the largest producers of our country in the next 5 years, with our young and dynamic staff, with our improvement and development efforts.

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