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10037 SOKAK NO:3 A.O.S.B, 35620 Çiğli/İzmir


PAPIX Plastics Inc. was established in Izmir in 1969 as a producer of polyethylene bottles and industrial oil containers. In 1994 the firm started production of plastic bottles and pre-forms. PAPIX Plastics Inc. manufactures water pre-forms, detergent pre-forms, edible oil pre-forms, water pre-forms, buttermilk and milk pre-forms with bottles and jars of different design and sizes. The production capacity of our firm increases gradually through new investments and technology usage. PAPIX Plastics Inc. exports its products to over 20 countries, primarily to Western and Eastern Europe, Middle East and particularly to UAE. PAPIX Plastics Inc. distributes the bottles and pre-forms on time, safely and economically with its specially designed fleet of trucks. PAPIX Plastics Inc. is the leading plastic bottle manufacturer in Turkey with 15.000 m2 indoor area and 20.000 m2 total grounds, employing over 70 people and with an annual production capacity of 450 million bottles (15.000 tons).

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