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Pandora, with a customer portfolio at around 40 countries, is proud and happy to be preferred a corn producer in Spain, a fisherman in Norway, in the packaging of a cereal producer in Ghana, a dates producer in Saudi Arabia.


MEGACENTER Kuru Gıda Sitesi C27 Blok Kat:4 No:240/5-6 Bayrampaşa
Istanbul / Turkey
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Veliköy Org. San. Bölgesi
1.Cadde 7/A Çerkezköy
Tekirdağ / Turkey

Taking advantage of location at MEGA CENTER İstanbul, it started to supply plastic packaging to the food sector. At TUYAP Packaging Fair, it gradually announced its name in the packaging sector with a small stand.

Pandora, with its increasingly stronger team over the years, has moved its trade out of the borders of the country with developing sales force. In 2010, Pandora explored the world by putting his products and dreams into his bag, like a traveler. Began to participate in international sector fairs in many countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. At this point Pandora has now added the exporter identity to the distributor identity. Pandora, who creates a customer portfolio in close to 40 countries, is proud and happy to be preferred in Spain corn producer, a fisherman in Norway, the packaging of a cereal producer in Ghana, and dates producer in Saudi Arabia.

While the share of export was 10% in 2010, it participates in fairs all over the world, showing the success of being a company that carries out 75% of today's turnover in foreign markets. Pandora, started its adventure with a small stand in 2005 and by 2016 its name written with gold letters as being Gold Sponsor in the largest packaging fair in Turkey, the TUYAP Eurasia Packaging Fair.

Progress to realize its dreams has become Pandora's principle. Based on the conviction of the trust and potential of the customers, he decided to become a writer to create the heroes of the story. Pandora became more powerful and empowered its internationally trusted name as a reputable manufacturer by opening its new state-of-art production facility in Çerkezköy on 3000sqm covered area by 2015.

In this way, Pandora was and will be able to meet the special demands of its customers, increase its exports, create added value and also create new employment opportunities in its neighborhood.

In fact, without you realizing, Pandora has been entering your houses for many years as a guest and stays there forever; maybe conserving the product in your drawer, or on your shelf, perhaps as your most precious memory.