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Marmara Geri Dönüşümcüler S.S. Şekerpınar Mah. Ayçiçek Sk. No:23 Çayırova Kocaeli / TURKEY


Since the day it was established back in 1969, Hürmak Machinery has always been one of the leading and most trusted solution partners in the Turkish plastics industry. Hürmak machines have proven their durability and reliability many times over these years and today, with many machines in the market still running even after more than 30 years of tedious production. With placing the customer satisfaction and efficient after-sales service of the machines on the top of our priorities list, Hürmak became the most experienced and trusted company for injection molding machines in Turkey through its almost half a century life span. 

After ceasing the production for a few years in 2004, Hürmak started again in 2010 with a new approach and a new mentality in 2010. With its machines that are designed, crafted and produced competely in Turkey, Hürmak has faced a great appreciation and demand from both local market and international markets. With this demand and growth, Hürmak was awarded as being one of the top 100 fastest growing companies in Turkey in 2013.

Today, Hürmak exports majority of its production to the surrounding region and is seen as a solid alternative to the Western Europen suppliers with its superior price/performance balanced machines.

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