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Emek Mahallesi Esenşehir Caddesi No: 11 Posta Kodu: 34785 Sancaktepe / İstanbul / TÜRKİYE

GUNGOR PLASTIK, which has been the leader in the Industrial Packaging sector for many years, develops with the power of more than 33+ years of experience and serves production and the country's economy.

Güngör Plastik maintains its supply in Istanbul Sancaktepe, in a closed area of ​​25.000 m², with 150 employees, primarily in the chemical industry, cleaning, cosmetics, petrochemical, paint, food and medicine sectors.

While a large portion of customers consisting of domestic and foreign manufacturers operating in Turkey are continuing our exports to 12 different countries together. It has 10 quality and production system certificates.

Working with a strong technological infrastructure in large capacity production facilities, our company contributes to the development of the domestic industry with 25 blow molding lines and 10 injection molding lines. Our company, which is a member of some organizations such as PAGEV, ISO, ITO, ASD, SEPA and is under active management of some of them, certifies its quality with BRC, UN, LRQA-ISO 9001: 2015 and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Food Registry-Production Permit. Güngör Plastik, which uses first-class raw materials in its products, reveals its privilege in design with its specialized team.

In line with its development and growth, our company has adopted the principle of being beneficial and contributing to many social issues, especially education, to the society it belongs to. Supporting successful students, helping educational organizations and the transfer of a modern elementary school with 18 classrooms to MoNE are some of them. With the awareness that education and specialization of our youth are very important in the development of our social welfare, Güngör Plastik Ürünleri will continue its contributions in the future.