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Atatürk Sanayi Bölgesi 75. yıl Bulvarı İbni Sina Cad. No: 2 Hadımköy / ARNAVUTKÖY / İSTANBUL / TÜRKİYE

GCM Makina has been established in 1988 and has acquired a wide customer portfolio with its quality and customer oriented after sales services, and has become a leader of the field first at local market and in time abroad with the exports to more than 30 countries.
Our knowledge and experiences that we acquired as Güven Çelik, are combined under the name of “GCM Group” as follows;
GCM GERİ DÖNÜŞÜM” in the “Plastic Recycling Machinery” sector
GCM OTOMASYON” in the “Automation and Software Systems” sector
We continue our production and after sale service activities with over 60 experienced and expert staff at our factory in Istanbul- Hadımköy.

Our Mission

  • Having a company that contributing to develop in this sector with leading Research and Development.
  • To be a customer-oriented company with providing quick, effective and right solutions to our customers needs when they need it.
  • We like to be one call away and always be beside to our customers instead of against when they need us.
  • We want to increase the productivity by reducing cost of production process to raise the profit share for all our customers.
  • Provide an excellent work environment for our employees.