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Despite its young age (establishment in 2005), Garanti Plastik is on the way to become a “preferred” brand in the national and international arena with its experienced managers and employees who do not compromise on team work, has succeeded to be the supplier of many organizations leading different sectors.

With its rapid financial growth and the strength of its commercial connections, Garanti Plastik has decided to take its place in the global market and established the "Garantiplast Ambalaj Geri Kazanım Ltd. Şti collection and separation plant" in 2013 that located in Hadımköy. It has decided to continue its facility in the area of Köseler Village in Dilovası, on an area of 10,000 m2. In order to protect the dynamics in the domestic market and to be close to its customers, in 2016 Garanti Plastik started to operate in İPKAS industrial site, Istanbul Ikitelli location as sales office as well as a warehouse of 2000 m2.

Having decided to merge its growing structure in the 6th month of 2019, it has started to carry out its activities under the roof of 15,000 m2 closed and a total of 50,000 m2 area, in Izmit Kartepe region, under the name of Garantiplast Ambalaj Geri Kazanım Ltd. Şti.

Garanti Plastik, which delivered very firsts in the recycling sector, has increased its granule production capacity to 24,000 tons per year and has made laser filter supplements to its production lines by making an agreement with Italian company FIMIC SRL in order to make quality production and lean towards mostly export. For the very first time in Turkey, it has integrated UNDERWATER technology into its system.

The company, which has expanded its export department since 2015, continues to take part in domestic and international fair organizations. Furthermore, it contributes to the national economy by exporting 35% of its production.

Garanti Plastik is producing many varieties that are not previously presented to the local market, with its quality approach, high technology and self-confident functional design. Thanks to its competitive financial structure, ambitious investment strategy along with its modern approach, Garanti Plastik accomplished to be a solution partner with many corporates and in the process of institutionalization manufacturers in Turkey and around the globe.

With its wide product range, dynamic and high-performance structure, Garanti Plastik contributes to the brand value of the institutions it serves domestically and internationally, thanks to its "product-specific design" approach.

Garanti Plastik has determined high quality and customer satisfaction as an indispensable basic principle, provides product systems and solutions for “Granular Raw Material” that is needed in many sectors such as film, injection and packaging.

Known by its respect to not only its customers, but to its employees, suppliers and social environment that its in, Garanti Plastik the pioneering company in the domestic market continues its development in order to bring its identity to the international market thanks to the working discipline that Garanti Plastik does not compromise.