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2002  In 2002 our company began its operations  in Turkey under the name of GAMA-PLAS, supplying the best services for the sector for 15 years in Thermoforming Machines and Food Packaging Machines . 


2002 GM20-30 with 6 cavity, 6000 cap per hour capacity Thermoforming Cup Water Machine has been redesigned and manufactured with new stable chassis and new mold designs to meet the latest technology and serial production lifetime. The design of this machine is still being used by developing its main properties. 


2003  GM20-30 The first drawing system with Servo for Thermoforming Cup Water Machine in our country was designed and produced. Having taken the patents of this succesful work and taking the leading role in this field in Turkey, our company was also leading the other companies in the sector.


2004   GM20-36R Full Automatic Thermoforming Chocolate Filling Machine production line, the first Box Opening-Sorting Robot was designed and produced. Our first export was  realized with this project. 


2006   GM20-30 Yoghurt Filling Machine was designed and produced.   


2006 GM20-30 with 8 cavity, 12.500 cap per hour capacity,10 gr Full Automatic Thermoforming Butter Filling  Machine production line and Box Opening-Sorting Robot was designed and produced. 


2009  GM20-40 with 10 cavity, 12.000 cap per hour capacity, conforming to current technology, the first Servo Lifting System in our country for the Thermoforming Cup Water Machine was designed and produced. This project is an example of the production of other companies in the sector by its nature.


2010 GM20-36 with 8 cavity, 10.000 cap per hour capacity, 50 gr Cream Cheese Thermoforming Machine with a perforated system was designed and produced. 


2010  GM25-25 with 25 cavity, 30.000 cap per hour capacity,20 gr Jam Filling Thermoforming machine was designed and produced.  


2012  GM25-25, with 30 cavity,36.000 cap per hour capacity 10 gr Butter Filling Thermoforming machine was designed and produced.


2013  GM20-40R Full Automatic Thermoforming Cup Water Machine production line with Box Opening-Sorting Robot was designed and manufactured.


2015  GM20-40R Full Automatic Thermoforming Cup Water Machine production line with Box Sorting Robot was designed and manufactured by us.


2015  GM20-40 Thermoforming Cup Water Machine design, mold designs and mold layouts have been redesigned and the machine dimensions have been reduced.


2016  GM20-36 with 24 cavity, 29.000 cap per hour capacity 20 gr,Mayonnaise Sauce Thermoform Filling machine was designed and produced. 


2016  GM40-50R with 20 cavity, 27.000 cap per hour capacity Water Cup Thermoforming Machine production line was designed and produced.