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Yenibosna Merkez Mahallesi Prof.Dr Nevzat Pisak cad. Doğu Sanayi Sitesi 2.Blok No:8 Yenibosna / İstanbul / Türkiye

Gama Etiket was established in 2005 and is a company that manufactures printed or non-printed labels for all types of products. We generally serve in three categories.
* Supply of consumables
* Hardware supply and technical service
*Consultancy service
You can contact us for any problems you have about the adhesive, the surface, or the performance of the label in general.
We can direct you about the selection of the right material, and with the support of sample and technical spectrum, we can ensure that the appropriate material is selected. We can serve all kinds of sectors, as well as special solutions that we have developed for certain sectors.
* Chemistry (Barrel, drum label applications. Detergent Labels)
* Food (Adhesive labels suitable for food, printed thermal cardboard shelf labels
* Cosmetics (Personal Care products. Wet Wipes, Special Adhesive On-Off Labels)
* Medicine and Medical (Syrup Labels, Medical Bag Compatible with Blood Bag Labels, Serum labels)
* Wood and Forest Products (Labels that do not leave marks when removed)
 * Textile (Printed roll cardboard labels, printed-unprinted adhesive labels, printed-unprinted Japanese non-slip, satin labels)
* Automotive and spare parts (Custom adhesive rubber labels, Mineral oil labels)
* Electronics, Communication and Security (Numbered, variable security labels)
* Advertisement (Inside adhesive glass labels, promotional labels)