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Cihangir mh. Ambarlı Dolum Tesisleri Yolu Şehit Komando Onbaşı Uğur Hancı Sk. No. 6 34310 Ambarlı - Avcılar - İstanbul

ENMAK Endustri Makina San. Tic. Ltd. Ltd. Şti was founded in 1979 to produce filling machines for pharmaceutical companies.

ENMAK, which first entered the sector in its production facility located in Istanbul Topçular, has made progress in parallel with the development of the industry in the country in the following years and moved its production to the Emintaş Akel Sanayi site in Bayrampaşa, Istanbul. At this point, it started to provide services to other sectors such as food, cosmetics, detergent, chemistry, paint as well as the pharmaceutical industry.


The leading company in the sector, by adding other packaging machines such as sealing machines, labeling machines, washing machines to its product range, continues its production in its factory with a closed area of ​​8000 square meters in Avcılar since 2001.


Having expanded its production capacity and range, the machines that the company has designed for various products in companies in all cities of the country are still working and ENMAK, which has more than 80% of its market share especially in the detergent sector in recent years, also supplies to large companies abroad.


In the product range of the company, which provides solutions to its customers by using R&D in its production;

• Filling machines

• Closing machines

• Labeling machines

• Special packaging

• Washing and rinsing machines are available.


Enmak; Apart from domestic markets, it also provides services to large companies of its sector in the markets of Europe, Middle East, Africa, Far East and Russia.

Our company is a member of Packaging Manufacturers Association and Packaging Machinery Association.