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Merkez Ofis: Büyükdere Caddesi, Yunus Emre Sokak,
Topçu İş Merkezi No: 1, Kat: 5,
D. 14 San. Mah. / 4. Levent / İstanbul

  • Elba Collective Co. was founded in year 1959 at İstanbul/Maslak. The company engaged with production of rubber gloves, patient bags –insulation tapes and package sealing tapes.
  • The group which purchased only the parcel sealing tape department of the company in year 1985 commenced operations as Elba Tape Co. Inc. at a tenement located in Ayazağa.
  • In year 1987, the management of the company moved to Şişli.
  • In year 1991, some alterations were made at the management and Mois Kohen was actively appointed as the head of management in addition to the Chairman of the Executive Committee.
  • In year 1992, the company moved from the tenement at Şişli to its own property located at Avcılar after construction of the plant building covering an indoors area of 3,500 m2.


  • The company realized production of the protective tapes, which was not manufactured in Turkey then, for the first time in Turkey and incorporated the OPP parcel sealing tapes as well as solvent based polyethylene protective tapes to its product range.
  • The company was entitled to hold ISO9000 quality certification in year 1999-2000.


  • As a result of the investment initiative launched in year 2000, the company started to carry out protective tape manufacturing activities at its own plant.
  • In year 2004, a real estate covering an area of 22.000 m2 was purchased at Tekirdağ/Çerkezköy in order to engage with fully integrated solvent based polyethylene protective tape manufacturing activities. The new plant constructed covered 8,350 m2 indoors area at the beginning.
  • Later on, investments were made towards protective tape starting from the midst of year 2005 and the studies were initiated to move the equipment pool available at the plant to the plant constructed at Avcılar Çerkezköy.
  • During years 2005-2006, the plant at Çerkezköy started to operate with full capacity.
  • Elba aims full integration in production and continues to make investments in order to achieve such objective. Elba offers services starting from production of the protective film and then through printing, adhesive production, adhesive application and cutting machinery. Elba added its 3rd adhesive application machine capable of applying adhesives with 2.5m. width in addition to the existing 2 units. The company renders services with full integration from film production to end product by cutting the jumbo sized protective films to the width as requested by the customer by means of 4 cutting machines.



  • The company started to carry out the entire production process at the ELBA plants as fully integrated from polyethylene granule to the shipment of the product to the customer, including the cardboard rolls.
  • In year 2005, OPP production figure increased up to 5-6 million m2. In addition to this, polyethylene solvent based protective tape production was increased to 3.5 million m2, which further increased the general production of the plant up to 9-9.5 million m2.
  • Elba increased the indoor plant area to 16.000 m2 by addition of 2.250 m2 space in year 2008 and 3.000 m2 in year 2009 and 2.450 m2 in year 2011.
  • In year 2008 Elba engaged with production of solvent based masking tape. Moreover, Elba continued to expand its product range by addition of solvent based double sided tapes to its product range.
  • In year 2009, Elba made a comprehensive investment and also added Stretch Film and CPP film to its product range.
  • In years 2010-2011, Elba started to produce various films by introduction of four machineries to the equipment pool of the Coextruction department.
  • In year 2010, Elba purchased the land adjacent to its production plant, which covers an area of 20.000 m2, thus enlarging its land area to 42,000 m2 in total. By this means, Elba became capable of enlarging the plant building up to 42.000 m2 in the future as 22.000 m2 ground floor and 22.000 m2 upper floor.
  • By the end of year 2012, Elba started to produce Food-Stretch product, thus further extending its product range and Elba will become entitled to hold ISO 20001 quality control certification by the end of year 2012.
  • By virtue of its professional team totaling up to 240 staff, which also includes the consultants, at its Production Plant and the Head Office, Elba currently offers its products both to the Turkish market and the markets of the world.


  • Starting from November 2012, PRE-STRETCH unit is also commissioned and put into operation. By virtue of this unit, the Stretch products could now be supplied to the customers with 8-10 micron size if requested.
  • Elba also executed the contract for the machinery featuring state-of-the-art technology and will be used for production of both solvent based and water based-acrylic water based protective tapes, OPP parcel sealing tapes, masking tapes and double sided tapes. The machinery is planned to be commissioned and put into operation in November 2013. Mentioned machinery is capable of performing printing, slicing, adhesive application operations with high accuracy by means of electronic controls.
  • Upon commissioning of the said machinery, Elba will achieve its 6-year investment objectives as planned in year 2007.