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İOSB İkitelli OSB Mh. İSDÖK San. Sit. Sosyal Tesis Plaza Binası A Blok No:6-7 Başakşehir – İSTANBUL/TÜRKİYE

Ecopack Packaging Ltd. The company is young and dynamic team, was established in 2011 with advanced technological machinery and equipment. From the date of its establishment, constantly increasing their training and experience of its employees, keeping in top level quality products and services, has been involved in the industry. Customer satisfaction is advancing with firm steps with focused efforts and investments towards becoming a leader in the sector.

Our company, in ultrasonic welded nonwoven production line daily production of 100 thousand -150 thousand units have the capacity. Track your quality of our latest technology to offer the most ambitious affordable prices.

Our specialty is ultrasonically welded cloth bags, we serve you in cloth bags and packaging products cloth.

Our feature that makes us different from our competitors; the latest technology infrastructure, maximum attention to the duration of the term and our long-term studies with institutional firms.