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Doğan Plastik
Ankara Bulvarı 2. Km. PK. 33470,

    DOGAN PLASTIK, founden in 1979, started with production of plastic bobbins, tubes and cones for textile industry.With the raw material crisis in 1982, the company developed its own technology, trained its people and started recycling of PE, PS and PP (first in Turkey).


    DOGAN PLASTIK contiuned to be the innovative company from the start and produced the high heat resistant dyeing cones(first in Turkey).


    In 2000, growing with new investments, DOGAN PLASTIK started Glass Ware Accossories production lines. In short a period of time, with its own R&D, the company has obtained 6 patents and industrial design and became the main supplier of Pasabahce which is the leading glass company in Turkey.

    In 2005, DOGAN PLASTIK started production of crates for fruits and vegatables and entered the "material handling" packing.


    With a large-scale Investment in 2007, DOGAN PLASTIC opened its second factory, which is the largest in the region and one of the top 5 in Turkey. With the new factory, the plastic pallet production started.


    After the startup of the second factory, DOGAN PLASTIK which used to be a regional company, became an important player for all Turkish Domestic market and started its international business. Today, the company is generating significant part of its revenue from the Export markets.


    In 2013, DOGAN PLASTIC started production of plastic foldable containers (first in Turkey) and became one of the 5-6 companies in the world who produces this complicated product.


    DOGAN PLASTIK is today a reliable and competitive supplier of "material handling packaging" solution for food, beverage, agriculture, automotive, chemistry, logistics and textile industries for local and global companies.


    "First in Turkey" and "Innovation" will contiune to be the priority for DOGAN PLASTİC and the company will continue to work hard to produce new and better products. 



1979    The company was founded

1980    First production – textile vater bobbin

1982    The rcycle plant was founded.

1982    The first PP rcycle in Turkey.

1983    The first PVC micronisation in Turkey.

1988    The first high temprature resistant dye bobbin production in Turkey.

1990    The first mechanically gasket water bottle cap production in Turkey.

2000    Plastic caps of glassware accessories started of production.

2001    Wooden cap production line was founded. The first wooden cap of jar production in Turkey.

2001    The first synthetic cork production in Turkey(Wine, V type, T type).

2002    The metallic cap production line was founded.

2005    Plastic crates started of production.

2007    Started of production at Dogan Plastik 2.

2007    Plastic pallet production.

2013    The first foldable container production in Turkey.

2014    The first pallet production in Turkey which can carry 1.8 tonnes on the rack.