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Dear Dynamic Friends,

The development line of our company, which has reached its 27th year; We would like to refresh the information in your vocabulary and to share our company in a chronological way to remind you again.


As you know, we have been producing services for 20 years as a supply channel, mostly a solution partner, with your identity as a dealer dealer, distributor dealer, importer, representative and ultimately industrialist in the Installation and Construction sectors. Our company was established in 1991 and started its business life; In 1993, he got acquainted with the insulation sector, a special area of ​​expertise, and concentrated his work in this direction. Since 1994, he liquidated other lines of activity and went to specialize only in insulation. Dynamic, which established the “Insulation Advisory Center”, which is similar to the centers established by the state in modern western countries and provides consultancy services, has filled another gap in the sector thanks to this innovative approach.


As a marketing company between 1993-2003, our company, which also made partial production on insulation accessories such as insulation hanger pin, plastic dowel, cold room nails, decided to invest in 2003 and started production of CLIMAFLEX Polyethylene Insulation materials, DYNAJACKET Valves and Armature Jackets in 2004. gained its industrialist identity.