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İstanbul, 34620

about us
BISE bin Industry always perform the first in Turkey, it began trading in 1968 with the manufacture of kraft paper-drums.

It has been developing over time and started to manufacture textile buckets made of Fiber, PVC, PE for the first time in 1972 and has responded to the needs of all cotton yarn factories established from Edirne to Antep.

Following the innovations and current technology abroad, Poltethylene, without Rivets - Zero Electrostatic; Textile Buckets up to 9 "- 54" diameter, 2mm - 6mm thickness; With Polyamide Wheel, Cadmium Coated Pantographs, it successfully carries out domestic and export oriented activities.

BISA Ambalaj stands out from its competitors with its service quality and speed in the fields it provides service, applies the TS-EN ISO-9001: 2000 quality management standard at all production and management levels and performs its production processes in order to meet the customer's needs.

The Design Group, which is located in our company, can act according to the demands of our customers and activate new designs or present new designs that it thinks can be used.

As BISA Ambalaj, we believed that the path to success is possible with the effective use of "information".

Our company is waiting for you with its R&D and Technical staff in order to respond to the packaging that is suitable for your request in its 5.000m2 closed area with the slogan of "Quality Service".

BISA Ambalaj San. The most important thing is to increase our efficiency power, never compromise on quality, to perceive this as a business principle in the eyes of our customers and employees, by prioritizing our responsibilities and respect for you in our business life, by constantly improving and renewing ourselves and working with the lowest production costs. we know our duty to stay as.

The quality of our services starts with the quality of our employees. It is the path we have chosen for the continuity of service quality by providing maximum benefit from our people's talents, strength and creativity, increasing their competence and efficiency, enabling them to develop, and creating a working environment with cooperation and solidarity.

Our main philosophy is to continuously improve the quality of the services we provide within the established quality system. Therefore, our long-term strategy is to train ourselves in a way that we can reach our total quality.

Our Sectoral Solution Approach
Managing the change, meeting the needs and providing solutions beyond expectations are only possible by being close to the customer. In order to offer sector-specific solutions to our customers operating in different sectors, BISA Packaging was founded on sectoral structuring. Offering brand-independent, turnkey packaging solutions, BISA Ambalaj provides competitive advantage, operational efficiency, effective business models and added value to its customers in different sectors.