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No: 1/1 -B- 002 Başakşehir / İstanbul / TÜRKİYE

BERTAN PLASTIC MACHINES was founded in 1979 by Tevfik Bertan. Our company has been producing only plastic film machines since its establishment and exports to various countries of the world. The principle of our company, which has provided reliability in the domestic market abroad, we have pioneered plastic companies that are innovative and strive to provide better service to them. BERTAN Plastik Makinaları has produced the machines with its quality. It stands behind it in Europe, Balkan, Middle East and Central Asia African countries. URUN Leaflet of commitments made it more day by day About More Customers Port quality at the highest level. It continues to serve. The machines we have produced are sold to 32 countries of the world with our 8 dealers. BERTAN Plastik Makinaları We have given the best SERVICE with the highest level of sincere care about our customer relations and with our spare parts and service opportunities. We desire to hand over the satisfaction of the Customer, like 95, which we left behind in 32 years, to the next generations without using water at all. The machines produced by Bertan Plastik Makinaları are enough to explain the Bertan Plastik machine's Landscape architecture in the machine park for a long time. We have been providing this quality service for 32 years. We caught our production staff with our determination. OUR MISSION: With our experience over a quarter century, A.Ş. to provide the best SERVICE to our customers with our superior technology. Our Principles :. To ensure customer satisfaction by producing more, not by feeling more special. OUR PRINCIPLE: To achieve customer satisfaction by producing more, but by feeling more special.