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BERICAP runs 24 factories in 21 countries worldwide, covering Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and North and South America. The global presence is continuously extended. Latest expansions were the start of a production facility in Malaysia as a hub for further expansion in Southeast Asia and a new plant in Argentina to complement the presence of BERICAP for the southern cone of South America. A new plant in Mexico just opened lately.

As a supplier to global customers, we need to ensure the delivery of identical products to each customer location. Quality control as well as manufacturing methods and equipment a strictly defined for each product; no matter in which of our BERICAP plant the product is manufactured.

BERICAP injection mold manufacturing
Our own injection mold manufacturing guarantees that molds for one product are always identical.

All our production sites are ISO 9001/9002 and BRC-IOP or ISO 22.000-certified. We put big emphasis in achieving clean and efficient production by defining best manufacturing practices and continuous corrective or improvement action programs.