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Benoplast has recycled (raw material production) facilities with 44.200 m² open, 17.300 m² closed, total 61.500 m² area in 23.000 m² open, 5.000 m² closed and 28.000 m² total modern production facilities with experienced managers and team work And offers product solutions that make it easy to "move and store" products. Being a "preferred" brand both nationally and internationally, Benoplast has managed to become a supplier to many organizations that lead different industries.

Benoplast has been the first company to offer innovative solutions by predetermining the needs of the sectors it serves in today's Turkish market. Quality, technological, original and functional design with the goal of realizing the production. With its competitive cost structure, ambitious investment strategy and point of view, it has provided innovative solutions to many brands in the process of institutionalization and institutionalization in Turkey and the world in a short time.

Benoplast has contributed to the competitiveness of the institutions it serves by means of its "product-specific design" understanding, with its wide product range, dynamic and high performance in national and international markets.

Closely following new technologies; Benoplast, which has developed product systems and solutions for "transportation and storage" that will contribute to many sectors such as food, agriculture, automotive, logistics, electronics, chemistry and textile, has determined quality and customer satisfaction as the basic principle.

Not only against customers; Employees, suppliers and the social environment they are in, Benoplast continues to develop its reputation for carrying the identity of its national pioneering company to the international dimension, thanks to its uncompromising work discipline.

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