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Barem aims to give the best service in packaging sector, since year 1999. With the plants settled up in Izmir, Gaziantep and Karaman, Barem has a wide range of service all around Turkey and neighbour countries. Barem's Izmir plant has a 20.000 m2 ground with a 11.000 m2 factory building and gives service to its customers by 295 qualified employess with 3 working shifts. Barem Izmir plant is fully integrated and has no need for outer suplies. Barem uses 3.000 tones of raw material in its production. Barem works with most of the wellknown companies of the coutry and aiming quality and service in the knowledge of that.

Barem’s Gaziantep facility is settled up in a 5.000 m2 factory building and employes 190 dynamic and experienced employers to give the best service and to maintain customer satisfaction of the offset packaging users in Eastern Anatolian region of Turkey. Barem is proud of the cooperation with its customers and will keep giving the best service all around Turkey.

The plant that was opened at Karaman in year 2014 has been built on 70.000 m2 ground with 43.000 m2 factory building. Barem Packaging is providing employment to 700 people and serving to its customer who is located at Middle East and Anatolian Zone with this plant.

All these plants has up to 3000 tones of raw material consumption.