Aydın Plastik

Orta Mh. Maltepe Kışla Cad. No: 60, 
Bayrampaşa / İstanbul

TEL : +90 (212) 565 60 03

AYDIN Plastic Ltd.Co. was founded in Istanbul Topkapı in 1984 with the aim of selling stock plastic raw materials and color masterbatches.

Over the years, plastic materials have begun to take the place of glass, wood and metal materials in the direction of ultimate consumer needs, industrial design and industrial needs. 

The plastics processing industry needed engineering plastics with improved mechanical, thermal, electrical and physical properties in plastic materials with these developments. Engineering Plastics has played an important role in bringing the plastic industry rapidly to the present dynamic state by taking jobs from other industries with its high technical properties. AYDIN Plastic has improved its development strategy in parallel with these developments and continuously updated its supply base and procurement services. 

AYDIN Plastic has become a preferred supplier in the sector by providing fast and creative solutions both in terms of logistics and finance with its customer focused business strategy. Today, our company provides alternative delivery solutions to customers with 3 warehouses in Istanbul and Bursa and logistics points in İzmir and Mersin. 

Our mission;
Within the plastic industry, it is to progress focused on reliable, principled, contemporary customer satisfaction by constantly renewing itself. 

Our vision;
It is to sustain our mission and to increase the plastic industry by adding high value solutions and technological value.