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Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Prof. Dr. Orhan Işık Cd. No: 6 Sincan / Ankara

About Us

Our Company was initially founded in 2002, under the name “Aybal Plastic Industries and Trading LLC”, to engage in its core activities at its principal place, where it currently operates, at the address, Sincan District 1st Organised Industrial Area, Ankara.

Contributing to Turkish economy by manufacturing PE rolled bags in the plastic film manufacturing industry since then, Aybal Plastics has adopted innovation and development based on effective and efficient use of technology as well as catching up with latest standards brought to its attention at its 10th anniversary, among its core operating philosophies. The production cycles undertaken by the Company for its esteemed clientele both at home and on abroad primarily aim at keeping the nature clean and rendering our environment more liveable. It is our sole commitment to unleash the point where we distinguish from rivals, by assuring timely and proper deliveries of our products to our customers, in addition to our continued efforts for improving the quality standards of our production ranges.

We are currently offering the rolled garbage bags included in our production lines (i.e. infectious waste containment bags, packaging and household waste bags etc.), freezer bags, deli bags and shopping bags to the market under our proprietary Ayba Plast, Birpack and Plenty brands, through our agency network. We also undertake manufacture of brand-specific products for our distinguished customers performing services at national level across all regions of our country, in addition to our proprietary product ranges. Furthermore, we export our products to such Asian and European countries as Germany, Greece, Romania, Spain, Iraq and Georgia etc.

Our company continuously builds on its capabilities, with its organisational structure that never compromises from quality. As a natural outcome of this, our company takes deliberate steps on the road to becoming a sought and favourite brand manufacturer.

Assuming the standard requirements of its sector of engagement as the minimum, our Company has secured and currently holds valid certification above these standards. You may find documents about this at the web link “Certifications”. Also, as an environmental volunteer, Aybal Plastics is a registered member of CEVKO foundation, an environmental protection organisation.

Our Company offers all-standards compliant services mostly at or beyond specifications, requirements and expectations of its customers, always stepping on its philosophy best resembled in its corporate slogan “OUR QUALITY DETERMINES OUR FUTURE”.

It is easier now, than ever for us to achieve quality.