Astan Plastik


İstoç Ticaret Merkezi 40.Ada No:5–7–9 34550 Türkiye - İstanbul / Bağcılar

+90 (212) 659 62 05 ( pbx )


Since its operations began in 1978 in an uninterrupted manner, our company continues its commercial life that meets customer needs and desires of raw materials in the plastics industry with over 40 years experience.

Our company Pakistan, Taiwan, Vietnam, India, Singapore and operating in South Korea polystyrene of the leading companies of the petrochemical sector, the thermoplastic polymers can be divided into three groups as polypropylene and engineering plastics offers services to their customers by imports.

Product instead of trying many different products for marketing by expanding the mix mentioned above, PS, PP and ABS, SAN, PC, PMMA, focusing on the POUM and SBC as engineering plastics aims to provide customers with customized solutions in these products.

Its international experience and strategic management approach with both our suppliers, our company as an important business partner of our customers for us, only sales activities carrying out wholesale firm appearance completely away, by adopting the distribution principle win-win principle gained by moving a step further-dash It acts with the principle.


We make a difference through our company name is synonymous with value, quality products and services to create a pleasure and satisfaction delivering on customer expectations and thus add value to society, both for them and we were in with them.


The supply of plastic raw materials, our ethical values ​​at the slightest concessions from Turkey and the Middle East that are most desirable to attempt to Turkish companies.


Our ethical values ​​we hold;
Be moral
Customer and employee satisfaction