Alpkim Adhesive

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Firuzköy Bağlariçi caddesi No:42 Avcılar 
34325 İstanbul - Türkiye 

Family business started with production of coloured CHINA (Chini in Turkish) in 1892 and founded as company in 1967 and started for blown oil production. In 1970's continued the production of blown oil and started to produce construction paint and thinners. In 1980's build new reactors and started to produce alkyd resins and PVA polymers. In 1990's acrylic emulsions joined to the product range and started to build up business with the different sectors like textile, printing, packaging, paint, furniture etc. And also started to export good to neighbour countries. We are serving our customers with 9 reactors, 6 blenders 4 high speed mixers and other different equipments.

In 2000's we expand our product line up to 200 different products...With the recent development of in house R&D department ALPKİM is planning to launch new products which is related with the current business....

If you are dealing with the industries as mention above surly you will find what you are looking for...