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No:36 34610 Güngören / İstanbul / TÜRKİYE

ALPA Hydraulic Machinery Industry Ltd was established in Istanbul in 1979 and commenced production of hydraulic press within the same year. Whereas ALPA produced only Melamine and Bakelite presses initially, it commenced to render service to tannery sector. ALPA has produced various hydraulic presses in the course of time.

Current production range ;

•Transfer and compression type presses and plasticizing units for thermosets
(Bakelite, Melamine, etc.)
• Deep drawing presses for sheet metal forming
• Rubber and tire vulcanization presses
• Leather Ironing and embossing presses
• Transfer presses
• Composite Presses
• Printing Embossing Presses
• Polyester Presses
• Extrusion presses
• Compressed wood presses
• Form presses
• Metal Forming Presses
• Hydroforming Presses
• Automatic feeding and stripped equipped compression moulding presses
• Polyurethane presses
• Electrode presses
• Automatic Feeding Salt Block Presses
• Pre-Plasticizing unit for thermosets
• Various special purpose hydraulic presses

ALPA differentiates itself with rapid and responsive after-sale service, and a goal to maintain perfect customer satisfaction.

ALPA is proud of its sales volume both in its home market and its expanding export business since 1982.

As a responsible leader in the hydraulic machinery manufacturing business, ALPA is fully committed to offer the best products and services with advanced techonology and talented staff.