Ritaş Holding

+90 (212) 493 11 21

Maltepe Cad. Canayakın Sitesi B Blok No:16 Bayrampaşa / İSTANBUL

Ritaş Holding is one of the leading manufacturer, seller and exporter company in Turkey. 

Ritaş Holding Company is an important company with the experience that has been gained since 1960’s when the first company of Ritaş Holding was founded by Rıfat Kaleoğlu. By being on the “Turkey’s Second 500 Industrial Enterprises” list of Istanbul Chamber of Industry every year our company has strengthen its position in the sector. Moreover by taking place on “The Top 1000 Exporters of Turkey” list every year, Ritaş Holding always raises the bar of its goals.

Ritaş Holding Companies, in basic terms, manufactures acrylic yarn, PET preform, polypropylene yarn and woven fabrics, big-bags, nonwoven fabrics, fiber and membrane which is used in construction sector for water isolation. Owing to the research and development performances, our company has taken to fulfill the needs of the world as a duty. Moreover thank to its products Ritaş Holding Companies answering the needs of the both intermediate and end goods of Turkey. Not only that but also with the niche products it easies the life and takes an innovative mission. 

Since its foundation Ritaş Holding has been contributing to the national economy with the sales to both internal and external markets. Meanwhile by means of the high-quality and the branded goods it has a major contribution to Gaziantep and Turkey for being a brand region in textiles sector.