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Established in 1964, and if the front-producing machines on order until 1976, in 1976 in shrink packaging machines as the first manufacturer in Turkey has started to provide services in this sector. Only if the front with 2500 companies from more customers in Turkey, the industry's first and most qualified automatically shrink packaging machine is known as a manufacturer. The most important feature of our company is the application of the latest technologies and developments in its systems, providing solutions to the difficult and different packaging applications required by today's competitive conditions and consumer demands. In addition to standard machines, it also produces projects in line with customer requests, and also provides consumer satisfaction with special machine manufacturing. One of the goals of our company is to reach all the needy people in the shrinking world by introducing our company and products in domestic and international fairs in the packaging industry. Our company sells machinery to foreign markets through direct export, and also provides sales and after-sales services through its distributors spread all over the world. Nevertheless, we are the Turkey distributor of the Italian company Smipack. Önersan's experience, dynamism, exciting staff, strong after-sales service and product quality make the company a leader in its sector. Product Group: PLC controlled Fully automatic system shrink packaging machines, semi-automatic system shrink packaging machines, specially designed shrink packaging machines for large-sized products, automatic and manual system L adhesive wrapping machines, shrink packaging machines that pack pet and glass bottles.

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