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Bag Cutting Machine

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Servolu Bag Cutting MachineTechnical Features

The machine is SERVO motor controlled and touch panel is used.Menstrual counter, product length, hole apparatus, color photocell controlledSince the edge control unit is used in the machine, it compensates the winding errors on the bobbin and ensures the cutting to be done properly.Thanks to the sensors on the machine, the machine switches to the stop position when the product ends.Since the lower jaw is a silicone rotating jaw, it is ensured that the upper jaw does not press the same spot each time, and thus the use of Teflon is minimized.Digital control of the upper jawMaximum product width 750mmMaximum product width 750mmIt is designed to cut OPP GELATIN, POLYETHYLENE etc. products in the machine.


Hand grip apparatusHole apparatusAir ShaftBand apparatusMexican hatLid opening apparatus

Bag Cutting Machine