TPM Plastic Crushing Machine

Plastic Crushing Machines

Non-use and recycling of waste in the manufacturing process of plastic in the case of plastic waste is first separated into small pieces broken sieve hole diameters in crushing machines. According to the wet or dry plastic materials based on sex is done when the rotor supply and pollution choice. Although the genus makinalah plastic crushers 100kg-s-s up to 1000kg capacity of our manufacturing has a crushing capacity.


    1. Crushing machines along with the main domestic and flexibility, considering the ease of use and cleaning are produced from high-quality steel materials.

    2. Hammer blow and cutter blade system in the high resistance of hardened HRC 57-58 DIN.1.2379 Bohler treated brilliantly as specified in the current sensitivities of German origin steel angle geometry of the surface.

    3. Existing business-friendly ergonomic design thanks to the use of maintenance and cleaning of the screen ..

    4. Production is now to bring the production and the non-system (PP, PET, PVC, ABS, HDPE, LDPE, PS ..), the adaptosyo the existing machine park in aqueous and dry on the break loaders and conveyor systems as well

    TPM Plastic Crushing Machine