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Ekin – 330 Orion Plastic Injection Machine

Injection Machines

Machine Features

Vise Closing Force: 330T
Injection Weight (PS): 1000 gr (PS)
Distance Between Columns: 700 x 650
Screw Diameter: 65

The ORION series where many innovations were made and the most up-to-date design were obtained in the vise unit. The piston clamping clamp structure developed in 30 to 400 Ton models has been tightened centrally and there is no need for lubrication system. In addition to high strength structure, wide column intervals and euromap standarts are made available with their latest versions. Besides, coupled with fast opening- closing via proportional controlled direction valve used, stop in the the same point continuously is ensured while mould and clamp are opened. For mould fixing Euromap standart size holes and T slots available on platens.

Ekin – 330 Orion Plastic Injection Machine